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Big & Beautiful – The NEC MultiSync P...

PA302W_BK_HO_EU 005

When you open the box of the NEC MultiSync PA322UHD and lift the screen out (probably after getting a friend to help you) your first impression is that it’s a big screen. A really big screen. A full 32 inches across the diagonal. Once you’ve made space on your desk, or bought a bigger one, […]

LUTs and LUTs of Bits – Look Up Tables an...


Marketing departments love numbers that they can quote in the sales literature. Car companies will give you fuel consumption figures and acceleration times. Monitor manufacturers quote bit depths and look up table resolutions. In this article I’ll try and explain what these numbers mean and why they matter. Panel Colour Depth All information in a […]

Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite Compatibility for Colour ...


Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite has now been released. Most applications do seem to be compatible but we would strongly suggest you check with the manufacturers of any software you have before upgrading. The website www.roaringapps.com can also be a useful source of information. Below you can find the latest information for the products that we […]

What’s the difference between an NEC PA m...


Like many manufacturers NEC would like to maximise their sales by offering a range of products to suit different budgets and requirements. So they offer three levels of monitors aimed at professional users wanting high quality and accuracy. Unfortunately the differences between the levels isn’t always that obvious and it is easy to wonder why […]

Achieving 10 Bit Display

Achieving 10 Bit Display

Many of the monitors that we sell are capable of displaying in 10-bit. This means that instead of each screen pixel being represented by 8 bits of information you get 10 bits. With 8 bits you have 256 values possible in each colour channel (red, green and blue). 256 cubed equals 16.7 million possible colour […]

New NEC MultiSync and SpectraView monitors


NEC are updating their range of colour critical and professional desktop monitors. The 24 inch MultiSync PA242, SpectraView 242 and SpectraView Reference 242 models are available now (October 2013) and the 27 inch PA272, SpectraView 272 and SpectraView Reference 272 will be available mid November and the 30 inch PA302 and SpectraView Reference 302 will be […]


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