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How ICC Profiling Really Works

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 14.18.27

I was reading a really good blog review of the new scanner profiling module in X-Rite’s i1 Profiler software the other day. The blogger is someone I know and respect. He really knows his stuff, but when he was explaining how scanner profiling worked the explanation he gave was one that I see again and […]

Our Biggest Colour Management Project Yet!

Xerox Colour 550

This week saw the start of our biggest colour management project to date. I can’t be too specific as some of the details are still commercially sensitive, and I can’t reveal the customer, but working in conjunction with one of our regular partner companies we are involved in a project to revolutionise the proofing of […]

Having Your Cake and Profiling It!

Images printed onto cake - fully colour managed!

Over the years I’ve colour managed printing onto a wide range of different materials, including ceramics, cloth and leather, but recently I’ve been working on my first edible media. A company approached us that produce cake printing systems for supermarkets. They manufacture a booth that customers can use to upload their photos from memory cards […]

Colour Management in Web Browsers

ICC compatible web browsers

Most of the monitors that we sell have large colour gamuts optimized for image editing, often they approach and in one case exceed the gamut of the Adobe RGB (1998) colour space. This makes them great for viewing images in properly colour managed applications such as Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture. In these applications colours are […]


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