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OS X Mavericks Compatibility

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The new version of Mac OS X – Mavericks has been out for a few days now and we have gathered as much compatibility data as we can from our manufacturers. We will keep updating this post as we get more information and feedback from users and our own testing. I would urge you not to update unless you know that all your key applications are compatible. www.roaringapps.com is a good source of information but always check with the developer.


EIZO have issued a fix for ColorNavigator 6.4.5 that enables it to work fully under Mavericks. You can click here to download it, you must be running 6.4.5 to install it.


X-Rite have issued an update for X-Rite Device Services – the drivers for their colorimeters and spectrophotometers. This fixes an issue with Mavericks. You can download it from here. The ColorMunki Photo and Design do not need the update.


We are still waiting for full information from Datacolor but they think that most of their products work OK with only a few minor issues.

NEC & BasicColor

NEC SpeactraView Profiler and BasicColor Display both work OK under Mavericks. They also added:

When you start Display 5 the first time Mavericks tells you that the Java Runtime Environment will be needed to run the app. This is only half the truthโ€ฆ. Only the driver for the DTP-94 needs Java.ย So you can delete the driver of the DTP-94 in the package of basICColor Display or you install Java (this is the easy way).

ย 10 bit?

We did think for a while that Mavericks had finally enabled Apple to catch up with Microsoft and allow full 10 bit output to a monitor, from a compatible graphics card. However even though Mavericks does allow the creation of 10 bit look up tables in the graphics card the actual output is still 8 bit, even with Thunderbolt. So for now it looks as though they are one step closer but not there yet.

If you have any experience of colour management applications and Mavericks then please share your feedback by commenting on this blog.


  1. Greg Greenhaw's Gravatar Greg Greenhaw
    October 27, 2013    

    I have a retina macbook pro and a DreamColor do you know a way to test if the video output is 10-bit?

  2. Cyclops's Gravatar Cyclops
    October 29, 2013    

    “10 bit video output is only really a concern for video editing.”

    Sorry, but I have to disagree. 10-bit is part of the DICOM standard, for one thing. I really do not think you want your doctor reading (and making) your scans in 8 bit (unless you are feeling lucky!) For another, if you are using large gamut color spaces 10 bit makes the “steps” closer– for all practical purposes making banding invisible. It is a mystery why they have not made the 10-bit display path available before this. On Windoze, 10 bit works but can be quite problematic. I have been told that a properly tricked out DICOM workstation (running UNIX maybe?) can run you 20 to 30K. (I know, sounds high, doesn’t it? But then again, medical equipment in the US is grossly overpriced.) This has been a missed market for Apple.

    • admin's Gravatar admin
      October 30, 2013    

      A good point, it is also important for medical imaging.

  3. Maustir's Gravatar Maustir
    December 14, 2013    

    What about the Colorvision/Datacolor Spyder2 in combination with Mavericks?
    Thanks in advantage!

    • admin's Gravatar admin
      December 16, 2013    

      The Spyder 2 is very old now. I doubt it would work under Mavericks, and even if it did it’s probably time to replace it.


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