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Mac OS 10.7 Lion and i1 Match – Houston, we have a problem


[box type=”info”]UPDATE: Since this article was written X-Rite have announced that any owner of a i1 Display 2 can just register their device at xrite.com to receive a link to a free download of i1 Profiler Lion Edition. This will enable them to carry on using their i1 Display on Lion and Mountain Lion[/box]

The release of the Mac OS X operating system, 10.7 Lion dropped support for Rosetta. Rosetta enables applications written for older PowerPC Macs to run on newer Intel Macs. Applications written for PowerPC will not run under Lion. This affects the following X-Rite applications: i1 Match, ProfilerMaker, Monaco Profiler, Pulse ColorElite, Monaco Optix and other software.

i1 Match is the software that runs the i1 Display LT, i1 Display 2, i1 Photo, i1 XTreme and so on. Windows users are NOT affected in any way.

To tell if an application uses PowerPC code either find the application in the Finder and Get Info (apple i) or open the application and launch Activity Monitor from the Utilities folder.

This decision has been made by Apple and not X-Rite or any other software manufacturer. X-Rite have been concentrating on launching the new i1 Profiler software, ColorMunki Display and i1 Display Pro (all of which use Intel code) and at the time of writing there are no plans to update the older applications to run using Intel code – this would be a major undertaking – and more problematically there are no plans to support the i1 Display 2 in the newer software so if you are a Mac user who has an i1 Display 2 and you want to upgrade to Lion, then you have a problem.

[quote style=”boxed”]There are no plans to support the i1 Display 2 in the newer software so if you are a Mac user who has an i1 Display 2 and you want to upgrade to Lion, then you have a problem[/quote]


There are a couple of workarounds you can adopt if you do use an application that relies on Rosetta but you also want to upgrade to Lion. You could install 10.6 Snow Leopard on another disk volume, upgrade to Lion on your main volume and then boot from the other volume when you want to use the older application. Any profiles you make could then be copied over to the Lion volume and you could then reboot. For some applications you could also use Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion and install and run the Windows version of the application. If you have more than one Mac then you could not upgrade one of them to run older applications.

Upgrade Offer

Whilst this issue has not been caused be either us or X-Rite we do feel sympathy for anybody who has bought an i1 Display 2 and who will now no longer be able to use it under Lion so we will be offering a trade-in scheme to customers who bought their i1 Display 2 from us and want to upgrade to either ColorMunki Display or i1 Display Pro.

Stay tuned for details of the offer!

[box]Buy the i1 Display Pro from us and you’ll 2 FREE printer profiles via our Custom Profiling Service.[/box]


  1. July 27, 2011    

    Does anybody know whether the SpectraView II profiling software for the professional NEC monitors will still work in Lion 10.7? It’s a universal application, so it should be OK in theory but I haven’t heard any kind of word one way or another over compatibility with 10.7.

    • July 27, 2011    

      SpectraView II is actually a re-badged version of basICColor Display and will therefore work fine under Mac OS Lion. If you have any issues with it, feel free to contact us for help.

    • July 28, 2011    

      As a colleague has just pointed out to me – SpectraView II is the US only version of the profiling software – in the UK and Europe, we have SpectraView Profiler (which is basICColor).

      SpectraView II is not supported in Europe, however, as a universal application for Mac, I suspect it would be fine. I’ve recently upgraded to Lion – went well with only a couple of very old apps that wouldn’t run.

  2. July 28, 2011    

    According to some feedback at roaring apps http://roaringapps.com/app:1942 who are listing compatibility issues with Lion one user claims the SpectraView II software is failing to save the ICC profile properly under Lion, though the comment was a little confusing because it went on to mention paper types.

    I tried BasICColor in the past and liked it for the accuracy but felt it became more complicated for little apparent advantage following an update a few years back. Software from BasICColor/Spectraview has always seemed to deliver better results than the Eye-One Match though with the Eye One Display 2.

    I have a friend with a ColorMunki who reported that his monitor is suddenly looking very cold following the upgrade to LIon.

  3. Ryan Mack's Gravatar Ryan Mack
    August 5, 2011    

    Hi Martin,

    Does basICColor display 4 support the NEC-calibrated i1 Display 2 that ships with the PA271W displays? I had been using the included SpectraView II on my PA271W and i1 Match on my built-in MBP display. I just upgraded to Lion and would prefer to use a single calibration package for both displays if possible. Otherwise I might just wait it out for the Lion compatibility fix next month.

    Thank you,


  4. Rob Griffith's Gravatar Rob Griffith
    August 5, 2011    

    Hi Ryan

    Yes, it should work OK.


  5. Lee Foulger's Gravatar Lee Foulger
    November 10, 2011    

    Hey, I’m a university student and doing photography and need to colour correct my screen to be able to edit my images correctly so that the colours will be correct on the printers, especially when i could be spending up to £100 per print soon and need the colours to be exact. My uni has the i1 x-rite and it doesn’t work at all on OS Lion, it there anything else that will work that doesn’t cost much (being a student, i dont have much spare money at all!)

    Please get back to me ASAP as one of my projects is due in in 3 weeks and need to get on with the editing :L



  6. November 10, 2011    

    Hello Lee. You know the saying, “You get what you pay for”, well it’s very true in colour management. Avoid consumer-oriented products like the Pantone Huey and Huey Pro – in our opinion, they are just not up to the job. If you really can’t afford one of the latest calibrators (like the ColorMunki Display or i1 Display Pro, then another option would be to try some of the free, open source software that will work with the i1 Display 2.

    I can’t recommend anything because we’ve not tried it, and it may end up wasting your time, but who knows! Google ‘open source color management’ Good luck!

    Final thought – if you are going to be spending up to £100 per print, getting the screen right is very important. Spending just over £100 on good calibration gear, could pay for itself over and over in not having to get prints re-done. I think it would be a wise investment!


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