How to use the SpyderCube

Datacolor SpyderCube (retail packaging)DataColor have been releasing a series of products that go beyond their usual area of monitor and printer profiling. The SpyderCube is a great product who’s power and usefulness belies its diminutive size!

Much more than just a tool for grey balance, the SpyderCube lets photographers who work with RAW to get spectral neutrality from multiple light sources as well as an absolute black and more besides.


  • Capture accurate colour without a lot of trial and error manipulation
  • Spectrally Neutral, so that Cube responds accurately to all lighting conditions
  • Provides reference values to check and adjust RAW control settings
  • Includes Black Trap for shadow detail control
  • Allows users to instantly correct colour images by setting color temperature value
  • Allows users to accurately adjust shadows and highlight detail in any RAW image
  • Ideal for location shooting (outdoor or indoor) and studios
  • Essential for RAW conversion, and can also be used when correcting images in a JPG workflow

Here’s the latest video from DataColor, explaining how to use the SpyderCube.

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